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Flat Tire Edmonton

Pro Towing in Edmonton provides a wide range of services to motorists.  When you are in need, we are here to help.

You are out on the road at night and end up with a flat tire.  It can be the cause of a slow leak or a total blow out.  This can be a dangerous situation.  Even during daylight hours.  You will need a spare tire.  You will also need a jack.  You will need to remove the lug nuts so you can switch the tire out.  All doing this safely.  This can be a problem for some.  Especially if you are alone or have small children in the car.  Don't fret for one second.  Just give us a call.  We can get someone to you in no time.  If you don't have a spare, we can tow you to where you can get one and back on the road.  If you don't have a jack, we do!  If you can't get the lug nuts off or need a key to get them off, we can help you with all of that as well.  Do not stress yourself about this unfortunate situation.  Just call us.  We will take care of you and get you back driving in no time.  

Flat Tire Edmonton

 Reach out to our friendly, helpful staff right now.  They are standing by to take your call.  Our towing service will collect all your information and pass it onto our dispatch team.  Then a technician will be in touch to provide you a good estimate of when they will arrive. When it comes to changing out a flat tire on a busy highway or road, we want to ensure it is done safely and all passengers are safe while doing it.  Sometimes calling a towing service is the safest way to handle this.  Even if you know how to do it yourself.  

Our response time is very quick and we will get to you in no time.  And have you on your way before you know it.  We are very familiar with the city of Edmonton and the surrounding areas.  Being a local company, we are also part of the thriving community you call home. 

Promising to provide you the BEST towing service is no small statement.  
And we don't take that promise lightly. 

We strive to ensure that we can fully meet customer expectations when it comes to Customer Service. You don't get to call yourself the BEST towing service by chance.  We are committed to remaining competitively priced, safety focused, and hiring the best in the industry. Don't trust just anyone when it comes to your vehicle. Trust a professional. Trust us and we will show you, we are the BEST. 

Pro Towing in Edmonton.
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