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Car Lock Outs 

Pro Towing in Edmonton offers a wide range of services for you and your vehicle.  When you are in need, we are here to help.

 When you have accidentally locked yourself out of your vehicle, we would like you to remind yourself that you are only human.  Everyone seems to have done this once or twice.  Some more often than that.  The reality is that we have a lot on our minds most of the time, and not being focused can accidentally cause us to miss the fact that our keys are still sitting on the seat or perhaps even still dangling in the ignition.  Or maybe the key has broken off or been lost.  If you are lucky enough to have a spare key handy, great.  If not, don't sweat it.  We can come and give you assistance getting your door open.  Just give is a call.  We can get to you quicker than you imagined!  

Car Lock Outs Edmonton

 Our friendly, helpful staff are standing by to take your call right now.  Our towing service will collect all your information and pass it onto our dispatch team.  Our technician assigned to you will be in touch to provide you a good estimate of when they will arrive.  After correctly identifying you as the correct owner, we will assist you with unlocking your vehicle.  Please do not be embarrassed at all about your situation.  We have dealt with many vehicle lockouts for various customers.  So this is not unique to us at all.  We know that often you are in a hurry to begin with so we will endeavor to get you on your way as quickly as possible.  We are very familiar with the city of Edmonton and the surrounding areas.  Being a local company, we are also part of the thriving community you call home. 

Promising to provide you the BEST towing service is no small statement.  

And we don't take that promise lightly. 

We strive to ensure that we can fully meet customer expectations when it comes to Customer Service. You don't get to call yourself the BEST towing service by chance.  We are committed to remaining competitively priced, safety focused, and hiring the best in the industry. Don't trust just anyone when it comes to your vehicle. Trust a professional. Trust us and we will show you, we are the BEST. 

Pro Towing in Edmonton.
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